“The One Question a Narcissist Absolutely Cannot Answer” (2023)

Someone sent me a link to a video on Facebook which highlights one question a narcissist cannot answer. It got me thinking about narcissists, their unique ability to fool people and how many ifs and buts there are surrounding them.

Every article you’ll ever find about narcissism — whether it’s from a victim of narcissistic abuse or a criminal psychiatrist — will not fit every narcissist. Even expert clinical and social psychology scholars disagree on this subject and for a good reason:

Narcissists are not cardboard characters.

They are people, and people are unique. We have a variety of different characteristics, quirks, faults, skills, and experiences that make us into who we are.

Narcissism exists on a spectrum, with vulnerable, grandiose and simply higher trait narcissism. We don’t know enough about narcissism. How clever and well-adapted (and manipulative) they are will determine how easy it is to figure them out.

Can you determine who is potentially narcissistic by their family dynamic?

I use this method. Reading body language is important, and knowing the importance of early childhood attachment and social influences that impact personality.

Narcissistic personality disorder can be passed down through generations ( genetically and children mirroring behaviour).

If a child’s caregiver (a parent) has a limited empathic capability, the child may not form a secure and healthy attachment. This attachment is crucial for social learning and the child’s emotionality. It also guides how well that child will respond to the needs of others (which is tied to antisocial behaviour and impaired affective empathy).

The article above is about attachment, a lack of empathy, entitlement and arrogance…

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