Lost Ark - Reading Vernese Forest Map - Fairy's Friend - Save the Forest Una's Daily Task (2023)


Quick guide on reading the Vernese Forest Map, while running the Fairy's Friend / Save the Forest Una's Daily Task.

Hope this helps those having a hard time with the map. It's definitely one of the most intricate maps in the game!


Uh, I get a lot of people asking me how to deal with this map to do the quest fairy's friend.

So this is a unis daily and it's on the vernees forest map.

So this map apparently just breaks everyone's brain and they don't understand how to deal with it.

So a couple things when it comes to the mini-map and the overall map or if you want to hit tab and bring up this map.

Whatever way you want to do, it's most, people are going to teleport in and go to the top triport up here or they're going to come in from rania village.

So let's kind of understand how this map works first.

So if this is your first time in here, you can come in from rania's village and you're going to you know those little puzzles in in your on your uh.

We don't really use newspapers anymore, but it's a little puzzle where you draw a line and try to get to the end.

It's basically what's going on here.

So to get to the first tripod, you go from readiness, village and you come up here.

You go down and you're in to that area now to get up to the top one up here you can see these arrows mean that this is an elevation change and it's going downward.

So you can't go back up.

You can only go down, so you want to be very careful if there is two arrows pointing at each other.

Usually it means it's a skip from one to the other, so you can go from here and jump over to there and then you're able to go down to the triport so to get all the way up to this tripod, because it's probably the one you're going to want- or you can be like me and just set a bifrost near this daily.

We can draw a line backwards, so we're going to go backwards this way, and you can see that if I go this way dead end.

If I go this way, it can come all the way down and it's going to go all the way to brandy, village or the other tripod.

So you can just kind of just follow and you can go now.

Some of these are deceptive.

So, for example, this area down here this spot, I believe, actually is closed off, even though it looks like it shouldn't be, so that can be very frustrating for people.

There's certain ones of these, where, like the jump over, is actually a cliff that goes right across and you can't go through it.

So you want to just kind of keep drawing those lines and trying to figure out where that you should try to go and if there's a wall in the way.

Well, it is what it is.

So, for example, right here you would think based on how this looks that this is something that's going underneath, but it's not it's blocked.

That is blocked, so you can't go that way.

Instead, you would come up here go onto this raft.

This raft takes you to here and then over to here, and then it even sails all the way up here and there.

So the easiest way to get all the way up here or to get to where you want to go the very first time you come in and you go onto this raft, follow the raft around all the way until you get up to the top or even to here and go, do the quest, and then you want to wrap all the way up around to go.

Get your triport or the other way.

So finishing.

This quest is the part that most people have the problem with.

So we're just gonna try to do the quest real, quick, I'm gonna hop on our cerberus and try to find the starlight star flowers light.

So there's one right there.

So basically you're gonna run around in these areas.

The big circles they spawn in the same spot.

So it's either there in this one or usually down here.

So there's, usually one that can spawn right here.

So you just got to find it if it's not in the top bubble, go to the bottom bubble, maybe change the channel whatever you want to do, but it is a collection, so you can get shot by these guys.

Just drop a meter on their face or whatever your preferred ability is make them regret, doing that maybe drop a thunderbolt on this guy for shooting at you, too uh and your bunny will see the massacre.

While you pick up the flower he's just sitting there wondering uh, what do I do with my life? I'm following this crazy check around um, so now that we've completed picking up the flower.

This is the part that I could ask so many questions about all the time is how the heck do.

I read this map, so I'm just going to show you right now, but ultimately, look at your point and try to draw a line back to you uh, so we're gonna go backwards.

This way right.

So there you can either drop down from here, which means you have to go all the way around somewhere up on the the cliffs and stuff and that's just inefficient, so we're going to go back this way.

You can see you go this way.

There's a spot opening here, there's a drop down from here and then lo and behold, it's right near us, so most people, hey would would you would you guys stop it you're gonna kill me, I'm a low-level character, jeez, sorry for the interruption, so yeah, because you're, either here or down here, to do the quest you're just going to come up this way and I'll bring up that map.

So you can kind of see where we're going.

You can do all kinds of gathering logging mining in this area.

It's very, very good for that lots of resources, they're just kind of all over the map, and but one of the things is so many people confused by this map for some reason that they don't like being here.

So if you can figure out the map and again we're gonna, just gonna bring up the full map.

So we're at an arrow.

That's one way.

It means you can't come back this way.

So once you climb up, you can't come down which is really odd.

I could see jumping down in it, not allowing you to continue, but uh going up a mountain.

You think you'd be able to jump back down.

I don't I don't know the game's odd, like that.

Sometimes so we're just going to keep running we're going through this area.

You can see the kind of jump thing um above us, so uh.

Well, it's actually underneath us.

So it's it's a cave.

That goes underneath.

I believe on that one.

I'm scared too little fairy.

You just run back over here and, if you're like me, and you really hate having to travel long periods of times for your alt unas dailies, I set a bifrost both at that starting point and the ending point, but you can once you're over here.

If this is your first time, you can then take um.

Take this little jump off down here, go up and around and get the tripod.

So I used to tripod here run all the way around.

The edge do the quest run down here and turn it in the rest of this map.

You really don't have to deal with unless you're going to do this proxima uh boss, the the field boss, in which case you can do that from just coming in this way and taking the boat um, which I think yeah you take it to this one and you have to go around and then hop over, because I believe this is actually not connected here, which is deceptive again, because that arrow's there so it looks like that, would be connected, but there's actually just this little spot there.

So you can go in from either that side or you have to follow this back to a place that you can get in right.

So from this tri porch, you could run down go across hop over from those two arrows and then take the zip line down so that that's kind of how you have to read this map.

You have to understand what these arrows mean and where they're going and there's that there's different elevations happening so anyway.

We turn in the quest.

Fairies are all happy that we helped them.

We got their flower, we did something.

I don't know that storyline and now that we've completed that that gives us shards of our tier.

So if you're, a higher tier you'll get better shards uh and oh I'm sorry, it's not pato.

It's this one save the force so save the force.

The reputation bonus.

We uh save the forest right here, so the first tier is five thousand silver for doing it three days, four days for seven thousand silver.

On top of that and then another eight days to get a wisdom potion and fourteen thousand silver.

So these wisdom potions are great for wooing npcs.

So it is a long-term goal nice to do on your alts, so that is a uh, a quick guide on your fairy's friend unas daily and a quick understanding of how to read the vernice forest map.

That seems to confuse a lot of people like I get it.

It's not your normal map, but you just gotta understand these arrows that are pointing at each other means that you can jump from one side to the other.

These ones here are a zip line down an elevation.

You can only go one way and if it's an area like this, where it shows one arrow and there's nothing on the other side, you can only go one direction.

So it's only going left in this one's case and for the this little raft, that's moving.

It always goes in the same rotation, so it goes from here and it just travels to each point and stops at each one, and then it goes backwards.

So use that to your advantage to move around this map uh- and you can gather all the different things here.

You got your plants, your trees, your oars and even relics in this map.

So a lot of people don't realize they can get a lot of relics here, uh because they just hate this map.

No one likes.

No one likes this map because of how complicated it first seems, but as soon as you've grasped that you're gonna have no competition for your resources, all right cheers.

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