Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon! First Step For Endgame Gear! (2023)


So now that I am making my way along in lost ark, I ended you at the Chaos Dungeon! This is the first step really for gearing up end game, you start fighting monsters twice a day in the dungeon. Get materials and gear. Hone your gear to increase stats, and then you will easily grow in power.

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Hey everyone popskir here and today in lost ark.

We're gonna run a chaos dungeon.

If you don't know what chaos dungeons are, they are essentially just one of those end game gear, loot collections that you get to currently.

My item level is 284, so we are going to be doing the level one one essentially and I'll just be running it solo just to quickly show off how it goes.

I think the server for us resets in about an hour right now, so I'm just trying to get everything done so the thing about chaos, dungeons is it's essentially this.

It is the monster spawn.

It will just spawn monsters constantly until the purification in the top left right.

(Video) Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon! First Step For Endgame Gear!

There is all done not that hard at the lower levels.

This is pretty much just kill all the enemies right, usually you should probably do it with matchmaking, but I'm just going to be doing them solo, because that's how I'm used to doing it, especially when I also like record videos but yeah.

There are going to be more boss, like monsters that spawn, and there is a boss monster that spawns at the end.

So keep that in mind, but it starts off with just all the mobs spawning like this imo, pretty fun.

I like them.

So far, it's not like a raid raid.

It's just you know it's a chaos dungeon.

It is the monster spawner and then the portal spawns in the middle there.

That's to take you to the next area.

You can take it instantly or just wait, usually like 20, but you can just go ahead because enemies will keep spawning even when you get here right.

It just takes a second for their aggro to kick in and then you'll start seeing the stronger monsters here.

You can just like chain jump between them and just kill them all not like it matters too much right, they're, not too strong.

After all, as long as you're uh keeping on top of your heels and potions, you should be fine as the enemies don't hit really too hard in the chaos dungeons.

It seems maybe they will later on, though, but it's hard for me to say right and now, once I go demon mode, I can just absolutely wreck everything.

So that's nice! I will hit that and I'll go.

Do this yeah, it's pretty.

You know not too bad.

(Video) Lost Ark Endgame First Steps And Early Endgame Gear Progression Guide | What To Do At Tier 1 Endgame

It's a good like five minute daily.

I think maybe five to eight minute daily, pretty much where you can just get everything killed.

This is a daily you'll want to run.

You know every day, of course, get your gears in check and upgraded.

Oh there's a boss! Well not a strong, strong boss! Oh my god.

What am I doing there? We go but hey boss, nonetheless weak boss, but a boss right because he's about to die.

Oh, if I could dodge I would but clearly I'm bad.

Then, once you kill the boss, bunch of loot spawns there we go.

Oh a new weapon is actually kind of great.

You can just honestly keep killing the enemies.

If you really want to you, don't have to instantly go through there, but I mean let's be real here: there's no reason not to because the boss monsters drop the brunt of the loot in the chaos dungeons right purely because they're, the boss monsters.

Why wouldn't they? Why wouldn't they drop the big loots? And then these ones? You have to just destroy the rift course spawn more enemies, spawn the boss enemy.

Well, I don't know what are what are those called? Are they special elite or what in this game? At this point, I'm so used to calling monsters with like a special aura, either rares or elites, or something along the lines of that that I just forget what they're called in new games.

If it's anything different yeah like enemies will just keep on spawning so you're good to just go at it, I'm actually having a lot of fun.

Now that I've reached end game and lost ark.

Sadly, I won't have enough time tonight to get into a lot of the end game, as I just started, unlocking all of the big stuff, but hey that's gonna, be what I do tomorrow.

I'm gonna be playing until the server resets.

(Video) Lost Ark Gear Guide - Gearing from Beginner to Endgame (T1 to T3)

Hopefully I can do all my dailies.

Don't think I'm going to be able to do any like raid today, as I believe, the servers for me reset in another hour or so like 45 or so minutes oops at the boss monster over there nope that should spawn him right.

There right right, oh that, actually didn't spawn him.

I was gonna spawn behind this one.

Please there we go yeah when it gets a hundred percent you'll see the boss will spawn and it's uh.

You know it's like a proper boss, good health tank pool.

You know if you uh, look, I'm not careful.

You might get slapped into the uh another world, but that's okay.

So if you didn't know in the game, you'll unlock all of the endgame stuff.

Okay, it looks like there wasn't a big end, dungeon boss, on this one maintenance.

In one hour there we go so, as I was saying, if you didn't know, end game in this is essentially just uh unlocked through guide quests.

So once you get a high enough level, once you hit the vern castle area, you'll start unlocking things like raids, dungeons, etc, etc.

It's pretty great 10 out of 10 would recommend anyways.

That is it for this video.

I just wanted to have a little video showing off chaos dungeons, oh my god, that rubber band, oh my god, uh! Well, they will be running maintenance.

Oh, what is happening, oh god and yeah.

These are the chaos dungeon entrances right, pretty cool, pretty cool! You get a lot of good random loot through there.

(Video) LOST ARK | What Are Chaos Dungeons? Endgame Guide & How to Unlock

I am only at northern vern.

As you can see, item level goes up up: [ __ ] up to 1400.

So that's what I'm gonna be grinding for item level wise! That's what everyone's gonna be grinding for.

Let's take a look at the loot, huge boost of damage right here, massive increase and that's the only item item we actually ended up getting and then once you dismantle everything fun fact you actually do get good stuff.

I am gonna dismantle everything other than these and some of these.

But if you actually dismantle you get some of the loot right like guardian stones, harmony, fragments so yeah pretty good and then once you get end game, you'll start upgrading your gear doing all that using that to exchange loot.

Look at this perception, shards sorter! None of that I actually have yet so nothing there yeah this game is massive, I'm having so much fun with lost ark right now.

So I just can't wait to keep going at it.

My item level, I can almost do the raid, so close so close to damn right.

You have the potion merchant there, the abyss, traitor right here.

Ah there's just so many different ways to get your gear and loot built up in this game right now, I'm having just the best time.

At least you can like check everywhere, hear what you actually want to trade yeah, nothing big for me to get yet since I'm still a lower level, but in due time I will start upgrading everything, just everything so yeah.

Thank you all for watching.

I do appreciate it.

I just want to make some.

You know.

End game-esque lost ark videos just so people can get a general idea of how it looks.

(Video) LOST ARK | How to Go From Tier 1 to Tier 2 & Boost Your Item Level - Item Level 302 to 802 Guide


Thank you all for watching, and I will see you next time.



Can you solo the first chaos dungeon Lost Ark? ›

Chaos Dungeons are an endgame activity in Lost Ark that can be embarked on solo or with up to four players. In a Chaos Dungeon, you'll be tasked with slaying monsters to fill a progress gauge in five-minute intervals. Defeating enough monsters will open a portal to a new zone and reset your timer.

How do you get endgame gear in Lost Ark? ›

Option 1: Run Chaos Dungeons

Chaos Dungeons are the first piece of endgame content you'll unlock after level 50, and they're also a great way to equip your character with new gear that lets you unlock the rest of Lost Ark's endgame content.

What happens if you do chaos dungeon without aura of resonance? ›

If you do not have the Aura and you enter, then you will earn secondary items. Check the loot section for more information. Rest Bonus is from unused Aura of Resonance and will increase the amount of rewards you earn.

How many chaos dungeons can you do a day in Lost Ark? ›

Once you complete the Vern questline you need to complete the “Ealyn's Gift” guide quest. With that done you can now interact with the statue that says Chaos Dungeon to enter. If you can't find it you can also look for the icon on the map. You can enter Chaos Dungeons twice a day per character on your roster.

Is chaos dungeon better to solo? ›

Chaos Dungeons are most effective when done alone, so don't try to matchmake. Just make sure you have the best AOE build you can get out from your class. If you're one of those minmaxers, you should pay attention to this, as it offers slightly more rewards than what you would get by doing a normal dungeon.

Can Chaos Dungeons be soloed? ›

If players leave the dungeon it adjust how many players inside. I find it easier to finish with a 2nd or 3rd player as a support bard than 4 player roster. You can also solo, if you are into that.

What is the easiest class for endgame Lost Ark? ›

What class is easy for beginners Lost Ark? Generally speaking, melee classes and tanks will be easier for those getting used to the mechanics. For this reason, any of the warrior class options - such as the Berserker, Gunlancer or Paladin - are good first choices for beginners.

What is the best class in Lost Ark endgame? ›

Best Lost Ark classes: PvE
SBard, Berserker, Gunlancer, Gunslinger
AArtillerist, Arcanist, Deathblade, Glavier, Paladin, Reaper, Sorceress, Striker
BDestroyer, Scrapper, Shadowhunter, Sharpshooter, Soulfist
CMachinist, Deadeye, Wardancer
Jul 3, 2023

How do you get 302 armor? ›

There are two ways to get this. The first is Chaos Dungeons, which you will unlock when you reach Vern Castle and go through an introductory quest. They are essentially like Diablo 3 rifts and you can start doing them even at item level 250. They will drop 302 gear just for running them, and you can get a full set.

Should I keep doing Chaos Dungeons? ›

If you don't use your daily Chaos Dungeon runs, you'll get some Rest Bonus as compensation, which makes you get a bit more rewards the next time you do Chaos Dungeons. To get the most out of Chaos Dungeons, you should do at least two Chaos Dungeon runs a day to use your daily Aura of Resonance.

What is the rest bonus in chaos dungeon? ›

Rest Bonus

At the daily reset, every skipped Chaos Dungeon adds 10 points to your Rest Bonus bar. You can accumulate up to 100 points, and every 20 grants you bonus loot for 1 Chaos Dungeon run. Only utilize this feature if you lack time to complete this task daily.

Can you spam Chaos Dungeons Lost Ark? ›

Spamming Chaos Dungeons

Once you run out of Aura of Resonance, you can still enter Chaos Dungeons and complete them for reduced rewards.

What is the 3 day limit in Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark Support. Gold purchased from the Currency Exchange is subject to a three-day withholding period where the gold has limited uses. The three-day withholding period is measured as follows: The Currency Exchange registers all gold purchases from the previous 24 hours daily at 03:00 UTC.

Can you do multiple chaos gates in Lost Ark? ›

Keep in mind that you're only allowed to run one Chaos Gate a day per roster – so make sure you're careful about which character you pick.

How long does chaos gate take Lost Ark? ›

Chaos Gates only appear on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, every 1 hour, from 11:00 AM to 5:00 AM. The 302 Chaos Gates appear on a rotation, spawn every 2 hours, and only two of them can spawn at a time.

Can you solo Lost Ark dungeons? ›

First off, most dungeons can be either solo or done with a party of 2, 3, or 4. The difficulty of the dungeons scales up based on the number of players in a dungeon, similar to an ARPG. However, there are a few exceptions to this and the game will let you know when this happens.

Can you solo all dungeons in Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark doesn't restrict players from playing solo, but you should consider a few things before committing to this playstyle. The game can be challenging when alone as you don't have other players assisting you in fights with other classes and abilities.

Can you solo the entire game in Lost Ark? ›

It's possible to play through Lost Ark's storyline as any of the character classes, as essentially they're all 'tank' classes. While a few do have support roles built in, even they can be taken through the game's main content alone. But not all classes are built equally well for solo play.

Can you solo story dungeons in Lost Ark? ›

All normal dungeons, Chaos, Cube, Guardian raids you can do solo, but some are definitely very difficult to solo. But, the HP is scaled based on players, so it has less HP solo.


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