EASY FARM in Today's Lost Sector! - Sepulcher | Destiny 2 (2023)


K1 Communion Legendary Lost Sector - June 17, 2023 (LEGS DAY)

Hunter Build: youtu.be/Fc-y6j1YZu4
Warlock Build: youtu.be/WXcNkLra8B8
Titan Build: youtu.be/1_Ypd9z6QS0

Today's Legendary lost Sector is SO EASY! Tags are so cool man: Fast and Easy Exotic Farm and Legendary lost Sector Completions for Solo Guardians! Destiny 2 Lightfall. Destiny 2 Season of the Deep. Today lost sector, lost sector today, where is todays lost sector, today's lost sector.


So I heard you want to beat the Lost sector fast now, I'll be running.

This lost sector with a very specific build that I made a whole video on I'll.

Briefly describe the build in this video, but I highly recommend watching the build video to fully understand how to utilize it.

The link to that will be in the description.

The exotic armor in rotation today will also be in the top line of the description on this video and with that out of the way, let's hop right into the guide now for the build today, we're going to be using my arc warlock build with sanguine, Alchemy and coldheart.

The auto rifle is here for stunning barrier.

Champions coldheart is here because of its heavy damage and build Synergy, and the Machine Gun is here again because of the heavy build Synergy and it does good boss damage and shreds through Champions.

Now this is one of the best builds this season.

I'm not gonna, go into full depth here, but I highly recommend watching the build video.

So you fully understand everything.

That's going on trust me.

You will not regret it.

This build is quite potent and it's actually my favorite right now, all right now.

The first thing we are gonna do when we enter this room is just clear out this group of ads.

You see me I'm gonna, throw the grenade at the floor.

That is gonna.

Make me be Amplified, which gives me that if I popped, my Rift down I would have that supercharged turret now, obviously I'm not going to use it in this room, because it's just a few ads, but right above right right here, I'm gonna pop it and then what's gonna happen in this room.

Is there's gonna, be a wave of ads and there's one barrier Champion I like to take care of the wizard first, because they just do huge damage, definitely going to want to watch out for those little moth things they do huge damage, I believe they can one shot.

You now keep in mind.

Acolytes do not stop spawning.

They stop eventually, but don't just expect you to just kill the ones in your site and they'll.

Just stop like there's gonna, be like two or three waves that come in now after we deal with them, I am gonna start shooting down the barrier.

You see we're doing heavy damage to it, keep in mind.

I am 20 levels under power, so I do consider that heavy damage.

We are absolutely melting them for the power level that we're at and that's because we have a 17 damage bonus due to the build that we're running so obviously, at this point we're just gonna stun in blah blah blah easy stuff.

From that point now after we kill this barrier, an arc wizard is going to spawn the uh The Hive Guardians.

Now they do huge damage with their super, so you're going to want to melt this thing as fast as possible.

You see me I pop the Riff down and dude like we haven't even finished our machine gun round, and it's it's already pretty much dead now, unfortunately, it does get that super rough, but I believe we're gonna be able to clean it up before we get hit by an attack.

Okay, there we go see, it only used.

The light attack on us, the heavy attack just completely fills the entire room, so you guys are definitely going to want to run some Arc resist and try to kill them as fast as possible.

Now, in this next section, there is a barrier Champion.

What you need to do, in my opinion, is absolutely fry, this barrier champion, because if you don't he's gonna leave the room, he's gonna rotate into the next room, and at that point it would be very difficult to deal with.

So you see, I didn't deal with them in the room, but I trapped them right here, which is an excellent position to have them and you're again going to want to kill him as fast as possible, because if he leaves this room, it'll make the Lost sector much much harder to clear in a fast way and after we deal with them, we're gonna Camp right here.

This spot is going to be our best friend, because there's a couple things that's going on in this room, there's an ogre, there's a bunch of ads throwing Fireballs at you.

There is a hive.

Guardian is actually the hunter that uses the blade barrage and it uses a proximity grenade, or actually it's the solar equivalent of the tracking grenade.

It does one shot you so you're definitely going to want to run some solar resist as well.


Don't really think it's going to make a difference unless you're 1830, but it does one shot you so you're going to want to watch out for that now, unfortunately, due to the build that I'm running, we're gonna have to use flashbang grenades.

That is our only way to melt Unstoppable Champions.

Now you see the grenade coming, we're going to have to run I believe only two of those hit, and you see how much health I have and I think there's like five of them in the grenade, so that does one shot you, as does the blade barrage super so you're going to want to watch out for those two things now, like I said we do have that build limitation where we don't have an Unstoppable gun.

So what we're gonna have to do for this ogre is we're gonna, throw a flashbang grenade, that's actually going to stun it now.

You just saw it the blade barrage.

One shots you I'm gonna, leave that in because I want you guys to be aware of that.

You know.

There's no point in acting like I didn't die.

There I mean it's.

It's good information for you guys to have now like I was saying.

The flashbang grenade does apply blind, which does stun Unstoppable Champions.

So when we stun them we're actually gonna have to blow our load here and just use our chaos reach, which is totally fine.

In these solo activities.

You do get a ton of super energy because you're the only one doing damage right, so that will one shot him even though we're not Amplified or it doesn't one shot in, but it gets him enough to finish, which is what we're gonna do when we do have an opening.

Now, unfortunately, it looks like that blade.

Barrage is up, you see, not all the projectiles hit us, but we are literally one shot.


Think, literally, only one knife hit us that is absolutely crazy.

Gonna pop our Rift down here and we're just gonna start melting down this Hunter and and we're gonna make quick work of him.

I mean he is annoying.

He does have a really huge dodged.

Lunge, like you see how far he goes when he Dodges it's actually insane I think it's the equivalent of the arc staff super Dodge quite insane, but we're just melting him regardless.

He can't really do much about that and at this point we could just finish him now, after you've take care of the Unstoppable, you kill the ogre and you kill the hive.


All you need to do is clear out the rest of the room of ads, and then you can proceed to the next room.

Alright, so walking down this hallway.

Here we are going to see some type of cult activity going on not sure what these thrall are doing, but we just walked in on that.

It's okay, you guys can do your thing.

You know I, don't really judge we're gonna, absolutely fry them.

We're gonna destroy them because we don't believe in whatever they're practicing there.

Now this little hallway this door is gonna, be your best friend, because it's gonna help you live I mean it's the best position to live, and at this point we're just going to be melting, ads and melting.

The boss, not much they could do about this.

Now the boss does have those like Arc projectiles.

It has those like same thing as uh Hive Boomers.

Do it's like AOE projectiles I mean you see it right now, quite annoying, but you see we're absolutely melting the boss.

We just used a bit of our Tracer rifle from the build we have 17 damage bonus going on while our Rift is up and our riffs are infinite, so we're gonna be able to deal with them really easily.

We're just gonna have to try to regen some health before we can peek again but yeah.

You see how quickly he's dying.

Now after we reach a certain damage threshold, the barrier Champion will spawn.

You see the barrier right now, so we're gonna try to deal with them, but we can't do that.

Obviously, when the boss is in her face, so we're going to reposition up here now, I do believe.

I did say.

Yep I did say to put on Arc, resist and solar resist on top of that you're going to want concussive dampener concussive, resist whatever it's called.

That's going to give you more additional resist versus this boss's damage and the thing about running double Arc resist is, they do have diminishing returns, but if you're using concussive dampener that doesn't actually apply, it's not the same odd.

It's not diminishing returns, so those stack together excellently now at this point in time we absolutely melted the boss, the boss, actually surprisingly, doesn't have much help we're gonna blind the barrier champion and at this point we're going to be able to take care of it really easily with our super, and that is going to be the Lost sector.

Now, in my opinion, this lost sector is very, very easy, so we're gonna put that in the title, we're gonna say: do not miss it, because if you're 1830, you're, probably going to clear this in about three minutes, got to keep in mind.

I was doing this about 20 levels under power, so yeah guys and that's going to be the guide guys, don't forget to watch the build video.

Hopefully this helped if it did be sure to subscribe as I post lost sector guides daily, either way.

I appreciate you watching and I'll see you tomorrow for the next video peace.


What is the fastest Lost Sector farm in Destiny 2? ›

Veles Labyrinth is the fastest Legendary Lost Sector to farm in Destiny 2. With the right loadout and some practice, you can clear this mission in two minutes or less on Legend—three to four minutes on Master.

Can you farm Lost Sectors Destiny 2? ›

Can Lost sectors be farmed? Yes, any lost sector can be farmed multiple times. If you want to increase the chance to get the rewards you need to complete the Lost sector on the Master difficulty.

How do you beat legend Lost Sector today? ›

Destiny 2: 9 General Tips For Solo Legend/Master Lost Sectors
  1. 1 Do A Practice Run And Experiment.
  2. 2 Beware Of Darkness Encroaching. ...
  3. 3 Use Crowd Control Abilities. ...
  4. 4 Match Shields To Get Rid Of Them Fast. ...
  5. 5 Good Positioning Is Key. ...
  6. 6 Take Advantage Of Solo Perks And Traits. ...
  7. 7 Know When To Stun Champions. ...
May 28, 2023

What is the easiest master Lost Sector to farm? ›

Perdition is arguably the easiest Lost Sector of the bunch due to how short it is. When you spawn in, drop down to the Harpy to your right and take it down. Two more will spawn and scuttle down the stairs to meet up with the Hydra. If you are using Stasis and Lament, throw a grenade near the Hydra to freeze them.

Is Sepulcher Lost Sector easy? ›

Sepulcher is one such Lost Sector and is arguably the easiest of the bunch. So long as you have a good loadout, you should be able to farm Sepulcher without much issue. Master Sepulcher features over half a dozen Champions, minimal shields, and small combat spaces that pair nicely with Solar 3.0 and even Warmind Cells.

What is the best farming area in Destiny 2? ›

So take the following best places to farm kills in Destiny 2 as friendly tips, but don't change your tastes:
  • Dares of Eternity Playlist.
  • Last Wish Raid: Shuro Chi Encounter.
  • Moon: Sorrow's Harbor.
Mar 12, 2023

Where can I farm Lost Sectors? ›

Spawn in at the Exodus Black near Failsafe, but head toward the Glad of Echoes. If you look at your map you'll find a lost sector in the middle of the area, and that's where you're headed. You'll find it among some debris with a few Fallen goons hanging about.

Is farming Lost Sectors worth it? ›

Legend Lost Sectors are the fastest and, in some cases, the only way to unlock exotic armor. You need the corresponding DLC for some exotics to drop. Farming LLS to get exotics with better stats, however, is not worth it.

Do all exotics drop from Lost Sectors? ›

Remember, when playing the highlighted Lost Sector, keep in mind there is no guarantee the Exotic armour will drop on any given completion.

Is there only one legendary Lost Sector now? ›

Every day, two Lost Sectors will be of Legend and Master difficulty, rewarding a chance at an Exotic for anyone that can solo it.

What is the drop rate for Lost Sectors Destiny 2? ›

Destiny 2. Master lost sectors have a 33% exotic drop chance flawless or not. Its just the way it is.

Is it more efficient to do legend or master Lost Sectors? ›

If you kill all of the Champions, Legendary has approximately 25% chance to drop an Exotic, and Master has a 33% chance.

How many times can you run master Lost Sectors? ›

Legend and Master Lost Sectors can be farmed an unlimited number of times.

Are exotics guaranteed from master Lost Sectors? ›

You have the option to choose GUARANTEED EXOTICS. The booster will farm Daily Lost Sector untill your selected item drops, so it's 100% Guaranteed. MASK OF BAKRIS - We will farm lost sectors untill we get your MASK OF BAKRIS Exotic HUNTER Helmet.

How do you beat Sepulcher Lost Sector in Destiny 2? ›

The majority of your ad clear in the Sepulcher Lost Sector will be with your Solar abilities and with Gjallarhorn. Your Solar abilities will create Solar Wells that will buff the damage from the BXR and Gjallarhorn. Use your legendary grenade launcher to deal with Unstoppable Champions.

Who drops Tier Sepulcher? ›

The following bosses drop the new Progenitor Tier Set pieces in Sepulcher of the First Ones: Lihuvim, Principal Architect (6th boss) drops Gloves. Halondrus, the Reclaimer (7th boss) drops Legs. Anduin Wrynn (8th boss) drops Helm.

How to do Sepulcher skip? ›

You must collect four Mourne Fragments by defeating Anduin Wrynn on any difficulty. Then, you will unlock a raid skip that allows you to skip directly to Anduin, the eighth boss.

What is the fastest way to farm powerful gear Destiny 2? ›

Before you obtain any Powerful Gear, make sure that you hit the soft cap first. Clearing the Lightfall campaign on Legendary difficulty is the fastest way of doing so, as you'll receive a full set of gear at 1,770 Power when the campaign is finished.

Where is the best land to farm? ›

The best states for farmland in the US include Montana, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Dakota, Texas, Iowa, Kentucky, Wyoming, and California. Consider factors like profitability, cost of operation, infrastructure, and availability when selecting a location.

Can you farm exotics in Destiny 2? ›

Nightfalls are also a fantastic way to farm Exotic armor and Masterwork materials, especially if there is a double loot week active. If you do not own the Beyond Light expansion, this will be your best means of farming Exotic gear. The higher the Nightfall difficulty, the more likely an Exotic will drop.

Is farming a dying trade? ›

The number of U.S. farms continues slow decline

Rapidly falling farm numbers during the earlier period reflected growing productivity in agriculture and increased nonfarm employment opportunities. Since 1982, the number of U.S. farms has continued to decline, but much more slowly.

Why is farming no longer profitable? ›

Rising input costs, shrinking production values, commodity specialization, and challenges to land access all appear to be connected to declining farm operator livelihoods, the new study in Frontiers of Sustainable Food Systems concludes.

Do killing champions matter in Lost Sectors? ›

Killing all champs will get you platinum. And there's a theory that plat has a greater % of dropping rewards. But it's not been proven afaik. Also, most sectors have a couple of champs that can be skipped & still grant plat.

What light level should I be for legendary Lost Sector? ›

We would not recommend trying these until you are at least 20 power levels away (1810 or 1820) and even then, that will be a significant challenge unless you're a veteran player.

Why is my Lost Sector not legendary? ›

What is today's Lost Sector in Destiny 2? Before you can take on Legend Lost Sectors, you need to complete all the normal Lost Sectors first. If you don't, the new Legend Lost Sectors will not appear on the map. Each day, the location, modifiers, and rewards rotate out for something new.

Do legendary Lost Sectors have a time limit? ›

If you're one of these players it's good to know that you can actually take as much time as you like clearing one. The big caveat is that you won't resurrect if you die after 15 minutes no matter how many revives you have banked and then it will be over. So if you're careful and don't die you can complete it.

Does assassins cowl drop in lost sector? ›

Assassins cowl is tied to the Shadowkeep campaign. You have to own the Shadowkeep dlc and have completed the campaign. That unlocks it in your loot pool, so after that it can drop like any other exotic helmet. It's not a lost sector exclusive.

What is the drop rate for exotic Engram? ›

Uncommon: 2 \ 3.64% Rare: 33 \ 60% Legendary: 19 \ 34.55% Exotic: 1 \ 1.82%

Do master Lost Sectors drop higher stat armor? ›

You must clear the Lost Sector solo to get any Exotics.

That's quite a tall order for some, but it's more than worth the effort. Most armor that drops from Master Lost Sectors will have 60+ stats, good distributions, and the armor has to drop in a certain slot.

What time do legendary Lost Sectors change? ›

The location for the Lost Sector in Destiny 2 changes every day following the daily reset at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm BST / 7PM CEST. Below is a list of the Legendary and Master Lost Sectors throughout Season 18 and September 2022.

How rare is Cloudstrike? ›

The Cloudstrike is a rare, random drop that will appear at the end. The difficulty of the encounter doesn't appear to matter, as the drop rate for this weapon remains on Rare regardless if you do the 1180, 1220, 1250, or 1280 variant. Mine took around 13 tries before it finally dropped.

What is the drop rate for the assassin's cowl? ›

I understand it might roughly be a 3.7% chance to see a specific Hunter Exotic Helm, (33% chance on Platinum completion multiplied by a 1/9 chance of getting Assassin's Cowl).

What is the drop rate for Loreley? ›

However, this only has a 50% drop rate for the helmet, along with other exotic items that could be earned. Luckily, there are different ways to grind for the helmet if fans weren't lucky the first time.

Can you farm all exotics from Lost Sectors? ›

On top of providing access to exclusive Exotic armor pieces that cannot be found anywhere else, Legend and Master Lost Sectors allow you to farm virtually any Exotic you want. If you're looking for a specific Exotic for either Titan, Warlock, or Hunter, farming Lost Sectors is the best you can do.

What is the legendary Lost Sector drop rate? ›

I tried to push hard for speed, but I am sure others can do it faster. TLDR- Average run time was 2:38, I had deaths on 5/36 runs, Average chest stat was 65.25, and the drop rate was 33%. IIRC- the old legend rate was 26%, so this is a nice bump. Average successful run time was 2:37, died on 2/12 runs.

What is the fastest way to max power Destiny 2? ›

Powerful Gear Tier sources to get to the 1580 cap in Destiny 2
  1. Strike, Gambit, Crucible playlist activity completions *
  2. Rewards from each of the six Vanguard (Strike), Crucible and Gambit ranks **
  3. Completing eight Bounties for a vendor.
  4. Season pass drops.
  5. Trials of Osiris (third win)
Dec 6, 2022

What are the hardest weapons to get in Destiny 2? ›

In short, Redrix's Claymore is a pretty relentless death dealer. Redrix's Claymore, the hardest to get weapon in Destiny 2. But, it's pretty rare, because it's so hard to obtain. To get it, you need to reach the "Fabled" Glory rank in competitive Crucible.

Can you farm daily lost sectors? ›

Every day, the location of the legendary lost sector will change and along with it, the type of exotic item that could drop upon completion. Keep in mind, it's just a chance, not a guarantee. You will find yourself needing to farm the lost sectors. Here is everything you need to know about them.

How many times can you repeat legendary Lost Sector? ›

Legend and Master Lost Sectors can be farmed an unlimited number of times.

Is there a limit to how many exotics you can get from Lost Sectors? ›

There is no cap.

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