15 Best Games To Play If You Loved Lost Ark (2023)

One of the latest MMORPGs to burst onto the scene in definitive fashion is Lost Ark. This multiplayer title has captivated the masses and given fans of this genre another meaty game to sink their teeth into. After all, the MMORPG landscape is mainly dominated by a few great games, so it's great to see other titles getting the spotlight they deserve. It's possible that, with a lot of time and effort, Lost Ark can transform into one of the greatest multiplayer titles of all time.

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Players who get into this title would obviously want to try out more games in the same vein. After all, a big part of what makes Lost Ark so great is its riveting gameplay that fans might find hard to replicate in other titles. Thankfully, the following games might suit the fancy of these fans who want more experiences in line with Lost Ark.

Updated on May 21, 2022, by Ritwik Mitra: There's been a dearth of good MMORPGs in recent times. The genre feels stagnant with little to no innovation, and it can be hard to get into the latest fad in this genre when players have to deal with constant busy work time and time again. Thankfully, there are certain games that do justice to the genre, with Lost Ark being one such title that fans will have a great time with. Here are some of the best games to play similar to Lost Ark and perfect for those who loved the MMORPG.

15 Destiny 2

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The looter shooter gameplay of Destiny 2 is surprisingly engaging, especially with friends! The title has seen multiple improvements over the course of its run, letting a whole bunch of players experience the highly engaging content of this game, including raids, dungeons, and other great PvE content similar to Lost Ark.

It's a title that will keep players occupied for hours on end, courtesy of its engaging systems and regular content updates. Fans of Bungie's games are obviously going to have a gem of a time with Destiny 2.

14 Path Of Exile

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Path of Exile is a dark-fantasy role-playing game that feels pretty similar to Lost Ark in a lot of ways. The fact that it's free-to-play is a huge bonus too.

The sheer amount of content in this game coupled with its addictive gameplay makes for a great time indeed. It might not blow anyone's socks off, but Path of Exile knows what to do with its systems and it does so brilliantly.

13 Genshin Impact

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There was a time when gacha games were looked down on as nothing more than shameless money makes. However, Genshin Impact showed that a well-developed game in this genre can still be a ton of fun to play.

The sheer number of characters that players can mess around with in Genshin Impact is genuinely surprising. It's funny how this game was compared to Breath of the Wild when both games are fundamentally different in a lot of ways.

12 Diablo 3

Diablo 3 was a game that faced a pretty rocky launch courtesy of Blizzard's poor management. However, the game servers slowly stabilized over time and made the experience quite bearable.


At its heart, Diablo 3 is an excellent hack-and-slash action title that players can enjoy with their friends. Blizzard has slowly worked on this title, turning it into a great game, albeit an unremarkable one.

11 Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 is one of the greatest RPGs ever made. The fact that this game can be played in co-op mode for the entirety of the story mode shows just how brilliant this title really is.

A group of four friends can jump into a gameplay session and have a great time exploring the rich worlds of this game. The characters that players gain access to are also pretty great and a highlight of the overall experience.

10 Final Fantasy 14

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It's clear to every fan of MMORPGs that Final Fantasy 14 is the best game in this genre right now. The sheer amount of love and passion that has been put into each and every facet of this game is clear for everyone to see.

Fans of Lost Ark who have yet to check out this monumental MMORPG should do so sooner rather than later. It's an experience that most games won't be able to replicate, making FInal Fantasy 14 a monumental achievement in every sense of the word.

9 World Of Warcraft

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A legendary MMORPG that needs no introduction, pretty much everyone is familiar with World of Warcraft. This massive and beloved title has seen numerous developments over the course of its extended runtime, becoming one of the most legendary games in the genre during this process.

The allure of this game might not be as strong as it was in its heyday, but World of Warcraft is still a great title that MMORPG fans should check out. It's a unique experience to play this title, with fans having the option to opt for its classic variant if they wish for it.

8 Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Star Wars is a massive franchise that needs no introduction. The gargantuan nature of this universe coupled with its rich lore makes it the prime candidate for an MMORPG that capitalizes on the vast nature of this sci-fi world.

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This is why so many people are huge fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic. This MMORPG is still going strong to this day, in no small part due to a rabid fanbase that laps up anything and everything that can be achieved in this game.

7 League Of Legends

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The MOBA genre is full to the brim with great games, but the majority of them have yet to reach the heights of League of Legends. The game might have a steep difficulty curve but ends up being infinitely engrossing once fans cross this hurdle.

With a few games under their belt, players can become well-versed with the intuitive mechanics of League of Legends. It's just a shame that the online community is so toxic that it has turned into the worst part of the experience... but it's still bearable as long as players focus on the game's core mechanics.

6 ARK: Survival Evolved

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A multiplayer game with survival elements, ARK: Survival Evolved dumps players in a prehistoric time where they need to band with other tribals to survive this cutthroat landscape. Death can arrive at any time, so players should be extra careful while scavenging this world for valuable materials,

While ARK: Survival Evolved can be played alone, the real joy of this title comes in multiplayer mode. Playing with friends in this dynamic and engaging title never gets old, leading to its fair share of unforgettable and memorable moments.

5 Guild Wars 2

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Given the massive hype surrounding Final Fantasy 14, there's another MMORPG that is unfairly left behind in terms of this widespread acclaim. This title is none other than Guild Wars 2.

The sequel took everything established in the first game and made it better. The manner in which Guild Wars 2's story unfolds is something that is wholly unique for the MMORPG genre, increasing the quality of the game as a result.

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The Elder Scrolls is one of the most legendary gaming franchises of all time. Given the rich nature of its world, it's easy to see why the domain was ripe for an MMORPG that could do justice to its amazing lore and history.

The Elder Scrolls Online might've had a bit of a rocky start, but has made up for it with a stream of gameplay improvements, content updates, and expansion packs. The game is a blast to play through and a great way to spend more time in the rich world of The Elder Scrolls.

3 RuneScape

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It would be hard to talk about games like Lost Ark without mentioning the classic MMORPG that is RuneScape. This game has gone through several changes over its run and is considered by many to be one of the most popular MMORPGs of all time.

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Players who want to relive the nostalgic time spent with older versions of this game can do the same with RuneScape Classic. Both versions of the game have a lot of content that will keep players occupied for hours on end.

2 EVE Online

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EVE Online is a game that makes headlines time and time again, mainly due to the warped nature of its economy. The game is full to the brim with boundless potential for the player to explore.

Its systems might take a while to get used to, but putting in this effort is quite worthwhile. After all, the deep and engaging gameplay of EVE Online means there are a ton of avenues that players can explore to enhance their enjoyment of this game!

1 The Lord Of The Rings Online

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The Lord of the Rings is a fantasy series that has consistently served as one of the most popular works of fiction that fans still look back on fondly to this day. This franchise has spawned books, movies, comics, TV shows... and video games as well.

The Lord of the Rings Online is a great game that allows players to explore Middle-earth to their heart's content. Given the notable nature of this series, it's easy to see why this MMORPG is one of the most popular games of all time.

Lost Ark was released on December 4th, 2019, and is available for PC.

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